Poet, novelist, artist, journalist, Nikola Kitanovic, present his postmodern poems, novels, short stories, artworks and more

What you have before you is a web site about Nikola Kitanovic, a poet, novelist, short prose writer, essay writer, visual artist, journalist…On this page we will be informing you about what is new in this internet presentation and Kitanovic's work. You can read more about the biography of Nikola Kitanovic in the Academic dictionaries and Encyclopedias, and the magazine 'Novo slovo' ('New letter'), as well as many other websites.

Mr. Kitanovic is the author of a large number of poetry books, novels, short prose books, studies of the European mysticism…Some of his books and works are translated and published in English, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Swedish, and many other languages.

                                                                          What's Up


October 19. 2019., in menatime I was ( few years ago) publish two books Moj Anđele (My Agel - poetry book) and Vevericavuk (Squirrelwolf - prose book).

October 20., 2015 my new book of poetry under title Al-Gebra is published.

August 30., 2015 my novel Narcis u Vodi (Narcissus in the Water) is published in Serbian language

May 02, 2014: I have new article in magazine Novo Slovo.

February 18, 2014: My new book is published Narcisus inthe water- novel by Nikola Kitanovic

December 14, 2013: I have new affiliate:  Meditreiuva - new life style

October 02, 2013: I have new affiliate.

 May 29,2013: I started to redesign this site with help of webmaster Marko Jevtic.

June 12, 2013: Site is just installed and active in the net. Soon we will have new content here, so please visit us again.

August and September 2013: With great team of experts from diffrent countries we started on allimaginations.com project "The Greats" where we presenting the greats poet of era of Modernism (end XIX and during XX century). In this project we finished site about grat Spanish and world poet Juan Ramon Jimenez in Serbian language. Soon we will have this in Spanish language and after in English. language.

September 2013: We are in process of redesigning Novo Slovo magazine.

September 2013: We are in process of designing The New Letter, magazine in English language.